Sega’s upcoming Hatsune Miku: Project Diva X is definitely one of the most anticipated upcoming rhythm games today, and the official Project Diva website has just been updated to make a few new announcements about the upcoming game, which will be released for the PlayStation 4 sometime in Fall 2016 and the PlayStation Vita on March 2016.


Players can interact with Miku and the other characters in the game in the home. They can also discuss their current progress with other players as well as change the tones in the modules they have selected.

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In the neutral area, players can choose which nodes to start with, NEUTRAL, CUTE, COLD, BEAUTY, and CHAOS. Each area has a gem, and players fill up the gem with voltage to unlock the next area. The Live Quest Mode allows room items, accessories, and modules to be unlocked by completing quests, and they can be used to boost the voltage rate if they have the same attribute as the gem.

Once all the songs in an area have been completed, players can gain a boost in voltage by completing the newly-unlocked medley song. “Hajimari no Medley: Primary Colors” arranged by OSTER project, and features “Koisuru [email protected]”, “Dreaming Leaf -Dreaming Words-”, “Bad Mood Waltz,” and “Miracle Paint“ will be the medley song for the Neutral Area, and it will start off with Miku and will add five more vocaloid characters as you progress.

Four songs have also been announced for the game, and they are: “Streaming Heart” by DECO*27 (CHAOS), “Amazing Dolce” by HitoshizukuP x yama△ (BEAUTY), “Sea Lily Deep Sea Tale” by n-buna (CUTE), and “Slow Motion” by PinocchioP (CHAOS).

In addition, here are the latest costumes available for Miku and her friends for the game:

And here are even more screenshots:

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A huge thanks to Zenko for the heads up!


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