Get ready for even more classical music as Kyoto Animation has announced that their classical music anime, Sound! Euphonium, is getting a TV anime sequel. This was announced during their KyoAni & Do Fan Days 2015 event, and the announcement was met with much rejoicing.


The new TV anime will take place right after the conclusion of the first anime season and might answer a few lingering questions left by the anime such as what will happen to Kitauji High’s classical music band, what of Reina and Kumiko’s relationship, and many more. No exact release date has been revealed so stay tuned for more announcements in the days ahead.

The event also announced that the series will be having its very own compilation movie, which will be centered on the events of the first TV anime. It will be titled Gekijou-ban Hibike! Euphonium ~ Kitauji Koukou Suisouraku-Bu e Youkoso~.

The announcement for the movie and the sequel anime were met with a lot of praise from fans, including the original novel’s illustrator, Nikki Asada, who tweeted this celebratory image of the anime’s four main characters.


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Source: Moca News


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