The 2.5D stage craze is sweeping Japan, and the latest anime, manga, light novel, or video game to getb adapted into a live-action stage play is none other than the anthropomorphic bishounen country anime series, Hetalia, and they have just revealed the main cast in costume with a new visual.


Titled Hetalia ~Singin’ in the World~, this new musical will feature some popular fan favorites from the popular Hetalia series. The cast includes:

Ryouki Nagae as Italy


Yuuichirou Oomi as Germany


Keisuke Ueda as Japan


Ryuuko Isogai as America


Daisuke Hirose as England


Juri Aikawa as France


Yuuki Yamaoki as Russia


Taishi Sugie as China


Takuya Kikuchi as Austria


Joining the cast as France is famous Japanese voice actress, Juri Aikawa, who is best known for voicing Amy in Gargantia and is also the the new voice actress for Sailor Mercury/ Amy Mizuno in Sailor Moon Crystal. The stage musical adaptation for Hetalia will run from December 24 – 29, 2015 at the Zepp Blue Theater Roppongi.

The Hetalia series has been known to be quite popular with the female audience, and it won’t be the only series popular with the ladies that is getting a stage adaptation. You can check out the cast of Seraph of the End the Musical in costume through this link.

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