Gaming giant Capcom has just opened a new video game-themed cafe called the Capcom Cafe in Koshigaya Lake Town, Saitama Prefecture, and they are kicking it off in the most mosntrous manner possible: with a Monster Hunter menu!


The new Monster Hunter-themed menu is to celebrate and promote the launch of the upcoming Monster Hunter X game, which is slated for release in Japan on November 28. A press conference for the launch of the cafe was held last November 19, with Monster Hunter producers Ryouzou Tsujimoto and Shintarou Kojima in attendance to introduce the cafe’s menu.

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The cafe’s Monster Hunter menu includes Monster Meat (7,800 yen), Monster Meat sample platter (6,800 yen), Felyne Hamburg steak (1,700 yen), Felyne Curry Pie (1,700 yen), a Monster Hunter Cheese Fondue (2,600 yen), and a Rathalos Nest Egg Scotched Egg (1,700 yen)

Meanwhile, the dessert menu includes a Fenny Parfait (1,500 yen), a Monster Hunter Chocolate Fondue (2,600 yen), a Felyne Pancake (1,800 yen), and a Monster Hunter dessert platter.

Finally, the drinks menu will feature beverages such as “Potion,”, “Demon Drug,” and more. Each menu item costs 780 yen.

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The cafe itself also sports a Monster Hunter theme, and this being the Capcom Cafe, other games from the gaming company, like Devil May Cry, are also featured. The cafe also offers up Capcom-related merchandise, and it can be found at the third floor of the AEON Lake Town Kaze shopping mall.

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