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If you’d like to see an English version of The Asterisk War: The Academy City on the Water – Houka Kenran PS Vita game, tell it to Bandai Namco Entertainment Asia on their Facebook page here, the publisher told SGCafe yesterday ahead of its announcement today that the game will be localized for Asia in a yet-undecided language.

“We’re currently looking at market demand for this title, which countries would like it more, et cetera, before making a decision on which language we’ll localize the game in,” the game’s producer Yosuke Futami told SGCafe when asked if the localization would be in English or Chinese.

Set in a post-apocalyptic 20th century universe where magic and supernatural abilities exist due to the infusion of a ‘mana’ element from a fallen meteor, The Asterisk War tells the story of Ayato Amagiri as he enrolls into one of the six academies still standing, in search of his purpose in life.

Apart from regular academic subjects, students at these six academies must also learn battle skills — the main goal of each academy is to produce champions who can fight and win at the Star Warrior Festivals (Festas), which is seen as the leading form of entertainment in this utopian world.

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What’s at stake at the Star Warrior Festivals? A single wish, of any sort — to be granted to the champions at each tournament. Although most winners wish for a large sum of money, as the Festa tournament organizers also happen to be the governing body of this world, almost any kind of wish that mankind can fulfill is possible.

The first of the three major Star Warrior Festivals introduced in the game, anime and light novel series is the Phoenix Festa, which is fought in a 2v2 tag-team format.


Although in the anime, Ayato chooses to team up with Julis-Alexia van Riessfeld, the crown princess of a small European monarchy, in the PS Vita game you will be able to team up with the three other heroines for the Phoenix Festa instead as the game will feature an original story different from the anime and light novels.

The three other heroines are (slightly deranged) student council president Claudia Enfield; Ayato’s childhood friend Saya Sasamiya; and master swordsman swordsgirl Kirin Toudou who is also the highest-ranked fighter in the school.

“The basic premise will still be the same. However, if you choose to team up with another heroine, a set of events and incidents different from what was shown in the anime will occur. For instance, something that happens in the light novels, but not shown in the anime, could take place in the game,” producer Yosuke Futami explained.

“And even if you choose to team up with Julis, just like what happens in the anime, the events you saw in the anime will occur in a different manner here,” he continued.


I asked Futami if those differences would be something akin to the way Asuna’s battle with the Absolute Sword (Zekken) Yuuki Konno was handled in Sword Art Online: Lost Song.

“Yes, it’s quite like that. Also, the opponent teams you’ll battle at the Phoenix Festa will be different from the anime, even if you chose Julis as your partner. On top of that, should you decide for Ayato to team up with Kirin… obviously Julis would have to look for a new partner.”

Can Julis even find somebody to team up with for the Festa? I pointed out to the producer that Julis, after all, has no friends at school.


“Why, yes, of course. Let me give you some concrete examples…”

Check back with us here at SGCafe tomorrow for more on what happens in The Asterisk War: Houka Kenran’s story mode when you choose to team up with a heroine other than Julis.

In fact, we learned so much about The Asterisk War’s PS Vita game from producer Yosuke Futami that we’ll be able to tell you something new about the game every single day, for the next five days or so. So do check back with us here at SGCafe.com everyday for more.

The Asterisk War: The Academy City on the Water – Houka Kenran launches in Japan on January 28, 2016. An Asian localized version will be released sometime in Spring 2016.

You can pre-order the game over here.

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