Gigantic humanoid cockroaches have taken over the planet Mars, and it’s affecting Earth directly. As they hype builds for the live-action movie adaptation of Terraformars, Fuji TV’s Japanese morning variety show, Mezamashi TV, has shown the very first footage from that very live-action film adaptation. This is the very first look at the live-action Terraformars movie:

The footage initially features the human cast before shifting to an interview with Hideaki Itou, who plays Shoukichi Komachi. The video ends with one of the manga/ anime’s most tragic scenes.


The first movie’s tagline is “We will survive”, and for fans familiar with the mangas, survival certainly is the name of the game.

The movie boasts some major Japanese star power as it also stars the likes of Shun Oguri, Rila Fukushima, Rinko Kikuchi, and many more. It will is scheduled to finish filming by February next year and will follow the manga’s BUGS-2 arc. It is slated to premiere in Japan on April 29, 2015.

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