Free-to-play online Gaming company,, is headed to AFA – Anime Festival Asia Singapore, and they are headed to the event with a spacial anime twist, featuring Girls und Panzer and Arpeggio of Blue Steel!


For the very first time outside of Japan, Wargaming will be showcasing their Arpeggio Mode for World of Warships, and will also be showcasing their Girls und Panzer mods for World of Tanks. They will also be giving away sign up bonuses for AFASG attendees who sign up for World of Warships, plus some cool new badges featuring both Arpeggio of Blue Steel and Girls und Panzer.

  • 3 Days of Premium account time
  • 500 Doubloons
  • 1x Diana (Tier II Premium USSR Ship)
  • 1x Port Slot
  • 10 x Every signal flag


Here’s where their booth will be located during AFASG:


More details on Wargaming’s AFASG booth can be found through this link

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