Day 2 of the ever-so-crazy and chaotic (in a good way) Comiket is finally over, and as usual, we are continuing what we started with day one, and continuing our coverage of Comiket 89’s often-wacky, often-awesome, often-amazing, often-crazy cosplays.

In Comiket, it’s better to prepare for tha unexpected, that is why, for Day 2, we are starting things off with this Girls und Panzer cosplay, featuring the Turtle Team’s Jagd-Panzer 38 Hetzer. Wait, whut?!

Remember that oil baron from Comiket 88? Well, just like that “biggest Love Live! cosplay ever,” he’s back as well, this time selling a few doujins.

And that awesome Zanghief cosplayer from day one has returned for Round 2…


Umaru, is that you?!

Well, here are a few good ones to soothe the soul a bit:

But it looks like a fight broke out:

The Japanese anime blog, Yaraon!, has also compiled a few photos taken from the event. Here are a few of them:

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