Final Fantasy VII Remake director Tetsuya Nomura and producer Yoshinori Kitase recently sat down with Japanese gaming website, Famitsu, for a special interview regarding the fame. In that interview, they revealed that a few changes will indeed be made in the game’s story and battle system, but a few things will remain the same.


In the interview, Nomura stated that fans who played the original game and know the story inside and out might be surprised with a few changes they will be making in the Final Fantasy VII Remake, though they still want fans to be very much excited about the games. It was also revealed by Nomura that parts of the game will be removed, while a few new ones will be added as well. The duo also addressed the game being split into multiple parts. To this, Kitase said that the game had to be split into multiple parts in order to make the FF7 Remake consistent with the quality shown in the game’s reveal. In other words, one title just won’t be enough. Nomura also added that while in the original game, there were some areas in Midgar that players just could not access, and the new game will be opening up those areas in Midgar.

There are also a few changes in character design for the remake, with Barret being given a more “realistic” look, while the trio of Biggs, Wedge, and Jessie will be designed by none other than character designer, Roberto Ferrari. The duo also talked about the new game’s battle system, where Nomura revealed that the battle system will somewhat be like Dissidia: Final Fantasy in terms of the tempo, though will be less when it comes to the action as players can still strategize what actions they can make in the remake. Nomura also revealed that the keys to the game will be the Active Time Battle Gauge and Limit Breaks, though he did not elaborate further.

Finally, Nomura confirmed that Cloud will indeed be cross-dressing once again, though he said that his HD designs have not been finished yet. Poor guy, and many are still waiting for that new cross-dressing design to be revealed!

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Source: Famitsu


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