Macross Delta is without a doubt, one of the most anticipated anime of 2016, and the upcoming anime’s official website has just posted the profiles of the anime’s five main characters, who all make up the “tactical idol unit” known as Walküre. The tactical idol unit not only performs songs, but they will also be piloting and fighting in Valkyries! Walküre is made up of the following members:

Freyja Wion (CV: Minori Suzuki)
A 14-year old idol wanna-be who wants to join Walküre.


Mikumo Guynemer
The vocalist of Walküre, not much is known about her, including her age and where she is from as her identity is completely shrouded in mystery.


Kaname Buccaneer
At 22, she is the oldest member of the idol group/ Valkyrie squadron, and she also acts as the group’s resident big sister.


Makina Nakajima
The mechanic of the group, she is 18 years old and appears to be a little air-headed


Reina Prowler
A hacker who rarely displays her emotions, at age 15, she is one of the group’s youngest members.


In the tradition of Lynn Minmay, Sheryl Nome, Fire Bomber, and Ranka Lee, the Macross series has always featured unforgettable fictional musicians which have launched their voice actors into stardom like May’n for Sheryl Nome and Megumi Nakajima for Ranka Lee. Approximately 8,000 singers applied for the position to become Macross’s newest divas.  The first member of Walküre has also been revealed, and she is 18-year-old Minori Suzuki from Aichi Prefecture, who will be voicing Freyja Wion. The other voice actors for Macross Delta will be revealed in later dates.


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