A special preview show for the upcoming Macross Delta anime will be aired during New Year’s eve, and it will take a special look at the series, and will be making several huge announcements, including giving a preview of the anime’s first episode. The TV special even has its own TV ad, which was aired in Japan last December 4.

The video features the song, “Ikenai Borderline,” which is performed by the latest musical act to grace the Macross universe, Walküre, a 5-member idol group which will not only be acting as the anime’s in-universe musical group, but will also be fighting the series’ baddies with Valkyries, the Macross franchise’s iconic transforming mechas.


In the tradition of Lynn Minmay, Sheryl Nome, Fire Bomber, and Ranka Lee, the Macross series has always featured unforgettable fictional musicians which have launched their voice actors into stardom like May’n for Sheryl Nome and Megumi Nakajima for Ranka Lee. Approximately 8,000 singers applied for the position to become Macross’s newest divas.  The first member of Walküre has also been revealed, and she is 18-year-old Minori Suzuki from Aichi Prefecture, who will be voicing Freyja Wion.


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