He’s finally free, and Sony has officially announced that Hideo Kojima will be working with them for a PlayStation 4-exclusive game and officially revealed that he has a new studio with a badass new logo. The now-bearded Kojima appeared with Sony’s Andrew House to make the announcement in a new video:

Kojima revealed that this new studio is NOT Sony’s but a completely independent studio, however, the very first game they ill be making will be an exclusive for Sony’s PS4. Also revealed is the new Kojima Productions logo, which replaces the former fox logo, which of course has ties to his former company, Konami, which still has the rights to Metal Gear.


In a recent interview with IGN, Kojima explained the new logo design:

“I’ve always loved astronauts, and [the new Kojima Productions logo] is designed so it can be seen as a medieval knight or an astronaut’s helmet,” Kojima said. “The concept is, with new technology and a pioneer spirit, we want to bring you to a new realm – within the digital world, I mean – we want to travel together with you to a new realm to which no one has gone before. As for the skeleton, we’re homo sapiens – people of wisdom – but we’re also homo ludens – people who play – and the concept behind this logo is that: With new technology and a pioneer spirit, we’ll deliver play to a new world.”

In his IGN interview, Kojima also revealed that Kojima Productions’ debut game will be “slightly more edgy,” and said that right now, it is still “top secret.” He described it as:

“I want to create something that’s what people expect, but at the same time will have something new that people haven’t seen before, it will be a complete game.”

You can watch his interview with IGN here

The bizarre events between Hideo Kojima and Konami have been escalating for a few months now, culminating to the game creator being barred from receiving an award during the Game Awards. Konami has also verified that Kojima has left the company.

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Source: Kotaku and IGN


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