This year’s edition of the GunPla Builders World Cup World Championship has brought a lot of pride for the South East Asian region, as the winners of both the Open Course and the the Junior Course, were both from ASEAN nations.


Here are the results:

GBWC 2015 Champion: Vichayuth Eiam-Ong (Thailand)
Entry: Another Late Night
Prize: Gold Trophy + 1/100 Gold Gundam Barbatos

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GBWC 2015 Runner-up: Ng Siu Wai (Hong Kong)
Entry: Nightingale Long Distance Support Type
Prize: Silver Trophy + 1/100 Silver Gundam Barbatos

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GBWC 2015 2nd Runner-up: Ho Yick Yin (Malaysia)
Entry: The Angel
Prize: Bronze Trophy + 1/100 Bronze Gundam Barbatos

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Char Auris II Award (Sponsored by Toyota Japan):  Ng Siu Wai (Hong Kong)
Entry: Nightingale Long Distance Support Type


Gundam Visa Card Award (Sponsored by Sumitomo Mitsu Bank): Ricardo Forni (Italy)
Entry: RX-93 Gesshoku – Lunar Eclipse

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Junior Course Winners

Champion: Cornelius Caesar Widjaja (Indonesia)
Entry: Gundam Build Fighters Season 3

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Runner-up: May Hata (Japan)
Entry: The Final Shooting

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In a rare instance in these competitions, Japan failed to grab first place in either the open category or the Junior category, as no Japanese made it to the Top 3 of the open category, and rising GunPla star, Mei Hata, who has been dubbed as a GunPla genius since the age of 10 and has been turning heads since the 2013 edition, only took 2nd this year. She also took second place last year, despite always winning the Japan leg since 2013.

However, 2015 is a great moment for the South East Asian region’s GunPla enthusiasts as Thailand’s Vichayuth Eiam-Ong takes the top spot. Last year, Malaysia’s Andy Wong won the competition, but this year, they only settled for third. And finally, Cornelius Caesar Widjaja from Indonesia was the one who toppled the young Japanese GunPla prodigy this year to take the top spot in the 14-and-under category.

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