It has been a debate which has raged on since our childhood: Pokemon or Digimon? And even now, the rivalry between the two titles have been raging on in the hearts of many fans across the world. Both franchises feature two very popular burning hot lizards, Agumon and Charizard, and these two icons get to battle to the death in the latest episode of Death Battle… together with their respective partners, Taichi and Red of course!

Ouch! right in the childhood! That’s gotta hurt, but then again, it all boils down to the difference in power levels between the two franchises, and the fact that one can operate without their partner, while the other cannot.


Though I doubt this would quell the Poke-Digi debate which has done on for more than a decade now, this fight is a pretty nice take on what might happen if two of the most popular monsters from each franchise faces off… though that seems to be more than 4 moves for Charizard. So, what do you think of this Death Battle?

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