Next year, the city of Sapporo in Hokkaido, Japan, will be kicking off their annual Snow Festival, and of course, Snow Miku will be involved with her own “Snow Miku Festival.” The city itself is highly involved in promoting both the festival and Snow Miku herself. In fact, as we revealed earlier, her 2016 edition will also be featured in the city’s streetcars.

The video features how the city’s streetcars being decked out with Snow Miku decals and advertisements. It also features the Snow Festival’s 2016 theme song, “Yuki Ga Tokeru Mae Ni” by Doriko.

But it’s not only the streetcars which show the Snow Miku spirit. As soon as you arrive in Sapporo, you may get to see Snow Miku, as she has even taken over the New Chitose Airport’s Sky Town! Cafes in the Sky Town will be serving Snow Miku-themed menu items, and the Hokkaido Gurutto Theater will be featuring a life-size Snow Miku statue for everyone to see!


Not only that, the Miku Channel is also streaming Snow Miku Sky Town’s first anniversary commemoration song, Stella Harmony feat. Hatsune Miku, which was also featured in the video above. The song will be released in shops in the Sky Town as CD’s, which will come with seven songs plus one bonus track.


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