It’s finally 2016, and the very first anime season of the year is almost upon us. Now, we are taking a look at seven new anime you should watch out for in this new season. These seven picks are ONLY new anime, so titles returning for their second season, like GATE and Assassination Classroom, or spin-offs such as MuvLuv Alternative: Schwarzesmarken, are not included. And without further ado, here are our picks:

Dagashi Kashi


We’re not the only ones excited for this one, as the original manga that this anime will be based on already has quite the strong following. The anime will follow a boy named Kokonotsu, who certainly does not want to inherit his family’s cheap candy store. However, his life changes once the “calorie queen” and cheap candy fanatic, Hotaru arrives.

Ajin – Demi-Human


This horror series also has a devout manga following, and if you love the supernatural and psychological genres, this one is definitely for you. Ajin – Demi-Human is set in a world where immortal beings known as Ajim, or demi-humans, are suddenly appearing out of nowhere. The story will follow Kei Nagai, a high school student who was killed on his way to school, but finds that he too is an Ajin. However, this puts him in quite a predicament as the entire human race is now after him.

Luck and Logic


Based on Bushiroad’s latest trading card game, this anime adaptation promises to put a unique spin to the trading card game anime genre. Before it was even released, the game this anime was based on was given a demo during AFA- Anime Festival Asia in Singapore last year.

Phantasy Star Online 2: The Animation


This new anime is of course based on Sega’s popular MMORPG. It will boast a new and original story, complete with several new characters. We’ll be honest here, we really love the game, and we are keeping our fingers crossed for this one!

Sekkou Boys


If you want to laugh out loud this season, then this weird little anime called Sekkou Boys may just be the one for you. Boasting an all-star voice cast, this anime turns classical statues into idols… much to the dismay of their newbie manager of course!

Shoujo-tachi wa Kouya wo Mezasu


Playing visual novels is one thing, but making one is another, and that is what Shoujo-tachi wa Kouya wo Mezasu is all about. Boasting excellent visuals and character designs, the anime is looking very attractive at the moment, and that is enough to get us all excited. The anime will follow Buntarou, a normal student who was dragged into making the script for a bishoujo visual novel game by his classmate, just because he made an excellent script for the drama club.

Boku Dake Ga Inai Machi


Ever want to go back in time and undo your mistakes? This concept is the major driving force in Boku Dake Ga Inai Machi, which will follow a mangaka named Satoru Fujinuma, who also has the ability to turn back time. When his mother gets murdered, he decides to prevent it, however, he goes too far, and back to his elementary school days where he meets a classmate named Kayo, who disappeared back in his childhood.

So what do you think of our picks? We are really excited for them, to say the least.

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