The new Winter 2016 anime season is already upon us, and last time, we took a look at the new anime to watch out for in the course of this new season. Now, we are taking a look at the anime which are returning for a new season, or will be featured as a spin-offs. The list we came up with was pretty easy, and like the last time, were not ranked. Here are the seven returning anime or spin-offs we are most excited to see for Winter 2016:

GATE Season 2


The clash between our modern world and the world of fantasy continues, as GATE now enters the Flame Dragon Arc. Last time, the anime left the audience at the edges of their seats, and now, we can finally get some relief because they are back! Not enough reason for you? OK, here’s another reason: RORY FREAKING MERCURY.

Durarara!! X2 Ketsu


We are finally going back to Ikebukuro, as the third and final part of the Durarara!! X2 series will finally be premiering this month, so expect more twists and turns coming from Japan’s wildest neighborhood, filled with color gangs, monster bartenders, Russian mobsters, and of course, headless fairies!

Muv-Luv Alternative: Schwarzesmarken


This Muv-Luv Alternative prequel spin-off follows the 666th Division, and if you loved Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse, or just wanna see giant robots fight giant alien monsters, then you might like this one as well.

Fairy Tail Zero


This one is another prequel spin-off, and it will follow the founding of the lovable guild we know today as Fairy Tail. This is the story of how Mavis Vermilion and her friends founded Fairy Tail, so this one is a definite must-watch for any FT fan out there.

Assassination Classroom Season 2


He’s baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! Will the students of Class E finally assassinate Koro-sensei this season? Will the students finally get the respect they deserve? Looks like we will find out later this month as AssClass returns with a brand new season.

Yami Shibai: Japanese Horror Stories


These anime shorts might not have the same run time as all the others in the list, but this one packs one scary punch. Considered one of the scariest anime series to ever come out of Japan, Yami Shibai certainly promises to bring more frights this winter season. Let’s just be glad this one does not run a full episode.

Snow White with the Red Hair Season 2


The weekly dose of red-haired romantic sweetness is definitely back, and expect more romance to come out of it. We are also expecting to hear more “kyaaaaaaaaaaaah!s” to come out of the ladies (and some guys), because this anime is just that gosh-darn sweet! We are definitely ready to fall in love once again this season, and we are definitely excited for Snow White with the Red Hair Season 2.

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