Move over sexy turtleneck sweater, you are now out of fashion and so 2014! This year is all about the new Cat Keyhole Bra Set by Pocket Tokyo, which has now taken Japan by storm.

97_original 99_original 103_original

And as expected, the wonderful and magical place known as the Internet wasted little time in making this set of underwear the latest meme, as anime and video game characters from various series were featured wearing them. Oh poor Chihaya, mai waifu from [email protected] seems to be the butt of these memes again…

Well, other flat idols like Love Live!’s Rin and Nico also became targets.

That last one though… And Japanese memes ain’t really complete without some KanColle, right?



Here are even more pics we’ve found while scouring the magical place called the internet:


The Cat Keyhole Bra Set is available online via Pocket Tokyo.

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