When Dragon Ball Super was announced, fans were rejoicing as we are finally getting to have a new Dragon Ball TV anime after Dragon Ball GT was aired. However, when it finally aired, it did not receive the same amount of love as Dragon Ball or Dragon Ball Z, and its animation quality has left many fans very frustrated.


And it’s not just the fans who are really frustrated with Dragon Ball Super, but the manga’s creator, Akira Toriyama as well. The legendary mangaka recently revealed his frustrations with the new anime inside the pages of the Dragon Ball 30th Anniversary Super History Book, which is now on sale.


Inside the pages of the book, Toriyama expressed his opinion about how his work has been adapted, and said he was not happy about the awful and much-hated Dragon Ball Evolution live-action movie. He also complained about the poor quality of the new TV anime.



Wow, so Toriyama really ain’t happy about how Dragon Ball Super is getting handled. Hopefully, Tioei Animation, which animates Dragon Ball Super, has already gotten the message and has worked to improve its animation. Hopefully, we won’t see things like these anymore, now that the creator himself has complained about the bad animation.


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