2015 had been a great year for cosplay, and Japan’s most famous costume makers, Cospa, had sold (or rented out) plenty of costumes last year. Now, they have finally released the rankings for which costume was the most popular. These were based on their own sales figures for last year, and were not voted for by the fans like the usual polls. These rankings are also presented by series, and not according to the costumes themselves, and so, without further ado, here are the results:

10) Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend


9) Fate/ Stay Night


8) School Live!


7) Hatsune Miku


6) Kantai Collection


5) Sound! Euphonium


4) Kiniro Mosaic


3) Is the Order a Rabbit?


2) Attack on Titan


1) Love Live!


Make that two in a row for Love Live!, as the series also won last year’s rankings from Cospa. Meanwhile, 2013’s winner, Attack on Titan, took second place from Kantai Collection, which dropped from 2nd to 6th place.

Meanwhile, moe anime like Is the Order a Rabbit?? and Kiniro Mosaic proved to be popular with cosplayers as well, as they also entered the Top 5, along with Kyoto Animation’s musical (and also moe) anime, Sound! Euphonium.

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