The latest episode of Man At Arms REFORGED has now been streamed, and for this week, they have featured Hiro Mashima’s international bestselling manga, Fairy Tail, as the Stagmer Brothers from Baltimore Knife and Sword try to forge Erza Scarlet’s sword and armor.

Of course, since Erza has countless armors and swords, the Stagmer Brothers have focused on her default weapons. Erza’s sword is made with three different types of steel, as 1075, 1095, and W2 were used. Meanwhile, the armor was not made for Erza’s size, but was made for the size of the cosplayer who will be wearing it. This is the first time Man At Arms REFORGED has ever done an Sword and Armor combo at the same time, and after all the forging is done, the cosplayer too to the field, and demonstrated the sword and armor, the latter of which was strong enough to repel arrows fired from a bow.


Previously, the Stagmer brothers have forged Saber’s ExcaliburDracule ‘Hawk Eyes’ Mihawk’s Yoru from One Piece InuYasha’s Tessaiga and Ryuuko Matoi’s half-scissor blade from Kill la Kill… out of real scissors

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