The [email protected] is finally having its very first game for the PlayStation 4, and Bandai Namco Entertainment has just started streaming the very first PV to that very game, which is titled The [email protected]: Platinum Stars. Chick it out:

Featuring the song titled “Happy,” the video reintroduces us to the 13 idols of 765 Pro, who are all definitely returning for this new game. The game is scheduled to be released in Japan later this year, and will have producers try and make their own idol unit from the 13 idols, and make them go up in the rankings, and ultimately reach the goal of performing in an “Extreme Live.”


But to reach their ultimate goal, they must first go an a training camp (much like The [email protected] Movie) and refine their skills. More details on the game will be revealed in the days ahead.

The game was announced back in September, and according to Youzou Sakagami himself, this upcoming Ps4 game will be a completely new game and different from One For All.

Well then PlayStation 4, are you ready? Are you a [email protected]?

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