Seiji Kishi, the director of the anime adaptation of Yusei Matsui’s Assassination Classroom manga, recently sat down for an interview with Weekly Shounen Jump! Magazine, and for its 12th issue, he announced that the anime adaptation will indeed be catching up to the manga’s ending.


Kishi has said that the the anime will cover the manga, up until the final chapter, which will be released in Shounen Jump!’s issue #16 sometime in March. According to a listing on the Anime Japan 2016 website, the anime adaptation, which is now the second season, is listed for 25 episodes, which means that we may be seeing the ending of the manga in the anime sometime in June.

The manga’s ending coincides with Japan’s graduation season, which is usually being done in March. The same issue of Shounen Jump is also announcing that they are starting a “Graduation Countdown” for the manga, and will also feature an illustration by Yusei Matsui, which comments on the manga’s ending.

Previously, issue #11 of Weekly Shounen Jump! Magazine announced that the series is headed to the “conclusion of the fated battle.” So, will Class E finally assassinate Koro-sensei and save the Earth? I guess we will find out in March.

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Source: ANN


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