DMM and Kadokawa’s hit PC browser game, Kantai Collection, is getting a new version for the PS Vita, and after months of delays, the new PS Vita version is now finally getting released later this month. Basically, the PS Vita version is the same as the PC browser version, however, new screenshots have revealed that the PS Vita game actually has a slightly different look, and a few other differences.


The first changes admirals who have played the PC game would be that they can choose their difficulty setting, Admirals can choose either an easy, medium, or hard modes, much like the game’s seasonal events. And speaking of seasonal events,  the Winter 2016 event is starting today, so good luck to all the admirals out there!


Another change is that Admirals get to have more choices in terms of starter ships. In the PC game, players can only choose between Fubuki, Murakumo, Sazanami, Inazuma, and Samidare, who are all Destroyers. However, the the PS Vita version, Admirals can also choose between Mutsuki, Shigure, and Ooshio. Admirals can also choose to pick a Light Cruiser as a started, and the choices are Sendai, Jintsu, and Naka.

The Admiral’s Office also has a few slight changes, as it looks a bit different from the PC version. However, like the PC version, Admirals can also change the decor around their office to suit their tastes.

The PS Viita game is basically exactly like the PC version, however, it just looks a bit different, and the sortie battles look much better. The game is slated for release this February 18, 2016. Here are a few more screenshots:

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Source: 4Gamer


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