The live-action Fairy Tail stage play‘s official website has now revealed their third actor in costume, and its none other than the powerful mage known as Jellal Fernandes, who has ties with Fairy Tail Guild’s own Erza Scarlet. He is played by actor, Hirofumi Araki.

hirofumi as Jellal

Previously, the website revealed Natsu Dragneel and Grey Fullbuster‘s actors in costume. The play is in good hands, as director Akiko Kodama has a lot of experience in directing Shounen Manga-turned Stage Plays, as he previously directed the Live Spectacle Naruto stage play, which also visited Singapore and Malaysia last year. The play will run from April 30 until May 9 at the Sunshine Theater in Ikebukuro.

The other cast members for the play also include

  • Naoya Gomoto as Brain
  • Yamato Furuya as Midnight
  • Ikkei Yamamoto as Cobra
  • Kento Ono as Hibiki Lates
  • Ren Ozawa as Lyon Vastia
  • Atsushi Shiramata as Grey Fullbuster
  • Shuuto Miyazaki as Natsu Dragneel

Based on the characters revealed, it seems that they are going with the Oracion Seis arc from the anime/ manga, however, as the play’s official story has not been revealed yet, we still don’t know if it really is the Oracion Seis arc or a brand new original story. More will be revealed in the future.

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