Nana Mizuki is one of the most popular and iconic voice actresses in Japan, voicing unforgettable and iconic characters like Fate Testarossa from the Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha series, Hinata Hyuuga from Naruto, and Ange from Cross Ange. She is also one of Japanese snack company, Calbee‘s celebrity endorsers, and they have now released a new potato chip flavor in her honor.


The flavor of this new Nana Mizuki potato chip was actually developed by the voice actress/ singer herself, who concocted a special curry with the help of renowned curry restaurant, Le Le Marj. The flavor of the curry is based with sweet onions with a slight hint of chocolate, as cocoa powder was also added.

Nana Mizuki is the celebrity endorser of Calbee’s ruffled potato chip brand, “Poterichi,” and her previous promotions for Calbee include a Nana Mizuki alarm clock and a life-size sticker of the voice actress.

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