Koei Tecmo’s Attack on Titan PlayStation 4 game is getting released this February 18, and to help promote the game, they recently placed a gigantic poster in Shinjuku Station. But this is no ordinary poster, as this one hides a few secrets, and has passers by trying to find its secrets.


The poster features a total of 94 QR Codes for the upcoming game, however, to find them, fans must scratch parts of the poster, in order to find them. Once they have found the QR Code by scratching through the poster, they then have to take a photo of the QR Code to exchange it with one special Attack on Titan wallpaper.

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And once all the scratching is done, the poster, which originally features the titans, will then feature the 13 main characters of the upcoming PS4 game! Now that is one unique way to promote a game, as they have really gotten fans involved.


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