Last time, the screenshots from the upcoming Kantai Collection movie were revealed, now however, the video from the special event PV itself has finally surfaced, and it is reportedly the very same video from the game’s 2nd Naval Review event last year. Here its is:

The footage confirmed that the three main characters, Destroyers Fubuki, Yuudachi (poi!), and Mutsuki, are going to be in the animated feature film, together with the aircraft carriers, Akagi, Kaga, Shoukaku, Zuikaku, Soryuu Kai Ni, and Hiryuu Kai Ni, the fast battleships, Kongou, Hiei, Haruna, and Kirishima, battleships Mutsu and Nagamon Nagato, heavy cruisers Choukai Kai Ni, Furutaka Kai Ni, and Kako Kai Ni, light cruisers Kuma, Tama, and Ooyodo, torpedo cruisers Ooi and Kitakami, and destroyer Shimakaze. And did we mention poi?

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The anime’s staff indicated via twitter that there will also be a sequel anime project to the original anime season, which aired earlier this year during the winter 2015 season. Their tweet also indicated that the movie and the sequel anime will be separate projects and are being produced at the same time.

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