With the Spring 2016 anime season about to start, many fans are preparing to meet the new titles which they will be seeing for the first time, like Ace Attorney and My Hero Academia. However, Spring is also loaded with plenty of series which will be returning for spin-offs or new seasons, and we take a look at seven titles which you might be interested in continuing.

Magi: Adventure of Sinbad


This is actually a prequel spin-off the the original Magi franchise, and it focuses on the adventures of the young Sinbad before he became the legendary “King of the Seven Seas.” Much like the OVAs which came before the TV anime, this series is a must-watch for any Magi fan.

Ushio and Tora 2nd Season


Ushio and Tora has that “old school” anime film that older anime fans have been longing for, and Spring 2016 is continuing where the first anime left off, as the lovable duo is set to battle even more monsters in this second season.

Terra Formars Revenge


If the first Terra Formars TV anime left you hanging, fret not, because Spring will be bringing back those gigantic humanoid cockroaches, and the crew of the Annex I mission, as they battle for supremacy over Mars. The anime will feature a brand new studio and brand new character designs, and we should expect more cockroach-fighting action with this second anime.

Kyoukai no Rinne 2nd Season


Spring will also be reintroducing us to the world of the shinegami, as a second season for Ranma 1/2 and InuYasha creator, Rumiko Takahashi’s beloved manga is set to be aired. The second season will be continuing the story of Rinne, a half-shinegami boy who lives in constant poverty, but uses his powers to help people, and Sakura Mamiya, who can see dead people, shinegami like Rinne included.

Sailor Moon Crystal Season 3


Moon Pride and the new season will feature ALL the Sailor Senshii. ‘Nuf Said.

Macross Delta


The Macross franchise returns with yet another installment, and we are firmly behind the Macross Delta hype! Set after Macross Frontier, Macross Delta will once again feature the franchise’s unique blend of mecha scifi action with all the drama of musical and idol anime, and for the first time, the franchise will be having an all-female idol group, as opposed to the usual solo singers like Ranka, Sheryl, and Minmay, or a rock band like Macross 7’s Fire Bomber.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 4: Diamond is Unbreakable


It’s Jojo, do we really need a reason to watch it?!

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