Who is Nisekoi‘s best girl? It is the debate which has went on even before the anime adaptation was even aired, and the latest official poll by Weekly Shounen Jump! Magazine just adds fuel to the fire as a certain somebody finally takes the #1 rank for the very first time! Approximately 24,000 Shounen Jump! readers voted in the magazine’s poll, and here are the results:


  1. Chitoge Kirisaki – 4,443 votes
  2. Kosaki Onodera – 4,337 votes
  3. Seishirō Tsugumi – 2,048 votes
  4. Marika Tachibana – 1,632 votes
  5. Haru Onodera – 1,041 votes
  6. Ruri Miyamoto – 792 votes
  7. Yui Kanakura – 216 votes
  8. Chika Tachibana – 186 votes
  9. Fuu-chan – 165 votes
  10. Elraine – 159 votes
  11. Raku Ichijou – 156 votes

Looks like #TeamChitoge got their act together and voted hard for the half-American, with #TeamOnodera following closely behind at #2. The voting was very close, which just shows how much the fans love both characters. Previously, Kosaki Onodera won the official poll back in 2014, with Marika coming in at second, and Chitoge at third. This is Chitoge’s first time winning the poll, as the two previous official polls were won by Onodera.

So Nisekoi fans, do you think Chitoge deserves the win? What can you say #TeamOnodera members? How about you #TeamMarika and #TeamTsugumi? How about #TeamYui or #TeamHaru?


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