After-school clubs are a huge part of any student’s school life, whether he/she is part of a sports club, a culture club, or the going home club, and this is especially true in anime. For this week’s poll, Charapedia has asked 10,000 anime (44.3% male, 55.7% female) fans on which anime school club would they want to join. Of the 67 clubs included in the poll, only the Top 20 were announced, and they are:

20 – Teiko Middle School Basketball Club (Kuroko’s Basketball)

19 – Seidou High Baseball Club (Ace of Diamond)

18 – Nekoma High Volleyball Club (Haikyuu!!)

17 – Samezuka Academy Swimming Club (FREE!)

16 – Shuutoku High Basketball Club (Kuroko’s Basketball)

15 – Houshinoumi High School Student Council (Charlotte)

14 – Honan Stride Club (Prince of Stride)

13 – Seirin High Basketball Club (Kuroko’s Basketball)

12 – Megurigaoka Private High School School Living Club (School Live!)

11 – Ouran High Host Club (Ouran High Host Club)

10 – Kamiyama High School Classic Literature Club (Hyouka)


9 – Sket Dan (Sket Dance)


8 – Otonokizaka High School Idol Research Club (Love Live!)


7 – St. Chronica’s Academy Neighbors Club (Haganai)


6 – The S.O.S. Brigade (The Haruhi Suzumiya series)


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