AWE me’s YouTube series, Man-At-Arms: Reforged, is has went to the world of VRMMOs, as they have taken on the challenge of forging one of the most iconic swords in Japanese animation – Asuna’s rapier, Lambent Light from Sword Art Online. Previous Man-At-Arms black smith, Tony Swatton, previously forged Kirito’s Elucidator.

Lambent Light is Asuna’s final rapier in Sword Art Online’s Aincrad arc, and the Stagmer Brothers and the blacksmiths of Baltimore Knife and Sword worked hard to forge a weapon which could be used to stab opponents repeatedly, just like what Asuna usually does. However, Asuna also uses her rapier to slash, and Lambent Light is a little stockier than traditional rapiers, so it is a little bit bigger (and heavier) than the usual. But them Lisbeth references though… Blacksmiths gonna smith I guess…

vhj,jknj Lambent_Light

And when all the forging is done, they invited a cosplayer over and had some fun!

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