Launched in 2015, WAKUWAKU JAPAN is a channel on cable TV and IPTV in Singapore, focused on Japanese entertainment. Bringing to the shores of Singapore the best selection of programmes from Japan, the channel is available on television screens 24 hours a day, and 365 days a year.


WAKUWAKU JAPAN has something for the whole family. Their TV programmes range from anime, drama, culture, music, kids’ programmes and even sports. To find out when your favourite programmes are airing, check out the following link for the weekly schedule ( This editor for one, religiously watches Ultraman…

One of the first things that comes up in a conversation about Japan is the food, and its culture. If you would like to find out more about Japan’s culture and cuisine, then look no further than SHIKI-ORIORI -JAPAN FOOD & FESTIVAL-. The show introduces the many different styles of food that make up Japanese food, and the array of festivals that Japan has a reputation for.

Kawaii Asia is perfect for those with an interest in the modern fashion that Japan is famed for. Join the hosts as they explore the latest trends in Japan’s ‘kawaii’ culture on this fashion and entertainment program.


If you’re a fan of Japanese entertainment, please catch WAKUWAKU JAPAN on Singtel TV (CH268/520/616) & StarHub TV (CH813) today!

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