The town of Oarai, as well as several other locations in Ibaraki Prefecture, have benefited much to the anime, Girls und Panzer, as the series has brought a steady stream of tourists and income to the town. One location however, the former Kamioka Elementary School, was not too happy.


The school is actually for Kindergarten students, however, it seems that cosplayers have been wreaking trouble in the premises, with students and teachers complaining that people doing cosplay photography have often bothered both the students and faculty members, as well as leaving lots of garbage behind after their shoots, as they often don’t clean up after themselves. What’s worse is that many are using the school grounds for cosplay fetish shoots without permission, and remember, this is a kindergarten school. In the end, the school had to put its foot down and has banned cosplay shoots.


But fret not, only cosplay photography is banned, and anime pilgrims can still photograph the school’s exterior since it is quite prominent in the anime. They also asked visitors not to give gifts to the school, as the school staff have been overwhelmed with the huge amounts they are getting each day from Girls und Panzer fans.

The incident is quite similar to what happened in a private golf course in Ibaraki, where Girls und Panzer fans trespassed the area after it was featured in the Girls und Panzer movie.

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Source: My Games News Flash


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