During April Fools’ Day, the official website for the Godzilla Resurgence movie announced that the King of Monsters will be taking on the Evas of Neon Genesis Evangelion. However, Banpresto has other ideas, as they will be having an Ichiban Kuji lottery featuring Hideaki Anno’s latest work going up against the anime considered to be his greatest.


The Ichiban Kuji lottery will include a few collaboration merchandise, which include the foloowing items:

  • A prize Shin Godzilla Big Soft Vinyl Figure
  • B Award Godzilla head magnet
  • C Award silhouette ruler
  •  D Award Clear File Set
  •  E Award rubber strap
  • F Award Mini Figure Collection
  • Last Prize Original Poster
  • Double Chance Prize Shin Godzilla Big Soft Vinyl Figure alternate color version

Each Ichiban Kuji game will cost 620 yen, and will be available in movie theaters, bookstores, and hobby shops all over Japan starting July 2016.

The movie promises to feature the biggest version of Godzilla ever, which is even bigger than the “fat” version featured during the 2014 Hollywood film. It will have a slightly different appearance from the other classic Godzilla looks.

Titled Shin Gojira back in Japan, Godzilla Resurgence is co-directed by Neon Genesis Evangelion director, Hideaki Anno and live-action Attack on Titan movie director, Shinji Higuchi. The film will open in Japan on July 29, 2016.

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