Bandai Namco Entertainment has announced that they will be having an official spin-off for their The [email protected] franchise in South Korea, and it will be a live-action show which has been tentatively titled titled The [email protected]


While information is still scarce at the moment, we know that it will be a live-action show which will be set in South Korea, and will be following the country’s own local trends for the idol and entertainment industries. The characters from the games and the anime, including the original 765Pro idols and the Cinderella Girls, will not be a part of this South Korean project.


Casting will begin on mid-May 2016, and unlike the original 765Pro allstars, which comprise of 13 idols, they are casting for 15 different idols, who will officially become part of the franchise. More details on this Korean [email protected] will be revealed in the days ahead.

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