Usually, anime tourism has been welcomed in many parts of Japan, from Chichibu (AnoHana) to Oarai (Girls und Panzer) to Washimiya (Lucky Star), however, fans can be a little bit disruptive, as some don’t even respect the privacy of locals.

With Love Live! Sunshine’s AQUORS ready to take the reigns from the franchise’s original muses, μ’s, the sleepy town of Numazu, Shizuoka Prefecture, where the upcoming Summer 2016 TV anime will be set, is bracing itself for the influx of anime tourists.


To help curb the number of misbehaving anime pilgrims in Numazu, the official Love Live! website reminded everyone no to give the local residents any inconvenience. In particular, they warned the anime pilgrims not to trespass in private land, or take pictures of the students from the school the anime will be based in, or any local resident without their permission. They then added that if the fans cause any trouble, the Love Live! Sunshine staff cannot claim any responsibility. Finally, they said that ultimately. their aim is to have the series be loved and embraced by the local people, and to do that, they need everybody’s cooperation.

Lately, this has become a problem in several anime pilgrimage sites like Oarai, where cosplayers have disrupted the students and staff of the local school where Oarai Girls’ High School was based on. Several incidents have also occured in other places, so it is a bit understandable that the staff ask fans to restrain themselves.

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