English will never be Japan’s first language of choice, and the country is known for its struggles with the language. And to help the Japanese with their well-documented troubles with Engrish, a new English-teaching textbook titled New Horizon was released, and it features a moe and lovable English teacher named Ellen Baker.

New Horizon

In the books, Miss Baker often is teaching several basics in the language, which might help learners go from Engrish to English.

Miss Baker is actually a new addition to the New Horizon text books, which aims to appeal to a wider assortment of readers, including anime fans. However, she became a little bit too successful, as she is now Japan’s latest meme craze. You go Ellen Baker!

Miss Green, the textbooks’ other English teacher, has been presented as her rival, and is quite jealous that her colleague is getting all of this attention.


But what does Miss Baker think of all these memes? Well…


Oh Internet, you never cease to amaze me.

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