Chun-Li’s large thighs, especially in Street Fighter V, have been quite controversial, as many people have said that her thighs are too big to be true and many have deemed her design to be “unrealistic” because of her thighs alone. Those gigantic thighs are evident her one of her DLC costumes:


However, one fitness model from Miami, Florida has silenced the critics as she proves that Chun-Li’s large thighs also exist in the real world. Meet Natascha Encinosa:


Encinosa posted the image of herself in Instagram on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2016, and she has caught the attention of Street Fighter fans ever since. That one piece dress, which reveals her thighs, have caused many Street Fighter fans to rethink the fact that Chun-Li’s body is “unrealistic.” Her followers then asked her to cosplay the Chinese interpol agent, and she answered by posting this comparison image:


As a fitness model, she works those thighs… A LOT, so much that she really resembles Chun-Li. Ever since Street Fighter II, the Chinese beauty has been known for her kicks, and those kicks need some very powerful thigh muscles, so Chun-Li must work those legs a lot, just like her real-life counterpart!

Natgif1 natgif2 natgif3

Do u even lift bruh? Coz she does. Hopefully, we will see her in Chun-Li cosplay soon.

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