The Anime of the Year Award-winning anime about making an anime, Shirobako, has been loved by fans and critics so much, that calls for a sequel have been very loud. Recently, the producers of the anime, together with Aoi Miyamori’s voice actress, Juri Kimura, all sat down in a panel discussion, which also touched on the subject of the possibility of a Shirobako sequel.


Aside from Kimura, the panel included P.A. Works CEO Kenji Horikawa, Warner Entertainment Japan’s Kouhei Kawase, and Infinite’s Takayuki Nagatani. Predictably enough, they were asked if there will be a sequel to Shirobako.

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When asked about the sequel, Horikawa replied “We’ve got plenty of material to work off of,” and added that  “I want to see a story about Aoi going back to her hometown and teaching an anime class for children.”

Meanwhile, Nagatani said that We wanted people who watched Shirobako to get a lot out of the show. If we could decide on a theme, there might be a chance for a sequel.”

Finally, Kawase hinted that, “The show was made by sampling what we could from the current age, but there are many things we haven’t sampled yet.”

While the producers are saying that a sequel is a possibility, it remains a possibility. Yes, there is a chance they might make it, however, nothing official has been announced yet as this is still only the opinion of the panel. As long as there is no official announcement, the sequel still remains to be a dream for many fans.

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Source: Inside Games via ANN


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