Anime would often increase a city or town’s tourism revenue if a series was set in that city or town, and this was the case of Chichibu (AnoHana), Oarai (Girls und Panzer), and Washimiya (Lucky Star). And because of the latest anime by J.C. Staff, Flying Witch, the city of Hirosaki in Aomori Prefecture has been added.

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Flying Witch is set in Hirosaki, and has even featured the city’s own Cherry Blossom Festival,  as well as the historic Hirosaki Castle (pictured above). And because of the anime, there have been an increasing number of people asking about several spots which were featured in the anime, and this is according to the  Hirosaki Convention and Visitors Association.

The city has attracted visitors from all over Japan since the anime has aired, including one from Oarai, a well known anime pilgrimage town because of Girls und Panzer. The visitor from Oarai said that he found some of the areas featured in the anime through Google Street View… though I doubt he can find any Mandrakes by using that… right?


The city itself seems to be interested in welcoming anime tourists as well, and if they really are, they better follow Oarai and Washimiya’s lead in anime tourism, as both areas often hold celebrations in honor of their respective anime series.

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