One of the biggest dilemma for Pokemon trainers is which Starter Pokemon to choose. Would you go for the versatile water type? How about the grass or fire types? Would you prioritize cuteness over versatility? Or would you prioritize how badass they would look in their final evolutions? Japanese ranking website, Goo, recently asked Pokefans which starter is the one which they believe is the most useless one of all.

A total of 1,397 voters have voiced their opinion on the matter, and from Gen-1 on to the latest generation (still not including the Sun and Moon starters), here is what they had to say:

18 – Fennekin (XY)

17 – Cyndaquil (Gold-Silver)

16 – Oshawott (Black – White)

15 – Mudkip (Ruby-Sapphire)

14 – Snivy (Black – White)

13 – Torchic (Ruby-Sapphire)

12 – Chimchar (Diamond – Pearl)

11 – Totodile (Gold-Silver)

10 – Tepig (Black – White)


9 – Froakie (XY)


8 – Treecko (Ruby-Sapphire)


7/ 6 (TIE) – Turtwig (Diamond – Pearl) and Charmander (Red-Blue-Green)

250px-387Turtwig 250px-004Charmander

5 – Chespin (XY)


4 – Squirtle (Red – Blue – Green)


3 – Bulbasaur  (Red – Blue – Green)


2 – Piplup (Diamond – Pearl)


1 – Chikorita (Gold-Silver)


Picking Chikorita in the 2nd Gen games can be pretty tough, as the grass Pokemon would struggle against the first two gym leaders, as well as the fourth one (since EVERYONE struggles with the third gym leader, Whitney). It’s pretty hard to pick Chikorita, given that it would struggle against most of the gym leaders, as well as the Elite 4, and this is the reason why many voters chose Chikorita as the most useless, even going as far as saying that picking Chikorita is the Gold and Silver version’s hard mode. Too bad, because I prefer Chikorita to Cyndaquil, who is at #17.

It’s also a bit surprising that all three Gen-1 starters have been included in the Top 10, as all three have proven to be not only useful in several stages of the first games, but also very very very popular, especially Charmander, who would eventually evolve to one of the game’s most popular Pokemon, Charizard. And speaking of starters uncharacteristically making it to the Top 10 of the “Most Useless” list is Froakie, who would eventually evolve to the badass ninja frog, Greninja.

So, which starter do you think is the most useless?

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