Hunter x Hunter and Yu Yu Hakushio creator, Yoshihiro Togashi, has been accused of being “lazy” because of his frequent and long hiatuses, and now that he is back and doing the manga again, fans are a bit giddy because he might go on hiatus again, and he’s been known to go on break for years on end. And since he has returned, his author comments in Weekly Shounen Jump! magazine have quite a trend…


While some fans are generally concerned about the mangaka’s health, as his frequent “ailments” have been the official reason for his long hiatuses, other readers are just simply rolling their eyes and still believe that Togashi is just being lazy as usual and is just writing his latest excuse, and that the he is already planning his next big hiatus.


But regardless of what you believe, whether you believe he is truly having health problems or you believe he is just priming up his next “excuse” for is next hiatus, Hunter x Hunter readers are now worried that the manga might go into another long hiatus given the trend of Togashi’s author comments.

When the latest hiatus was first announced last August 2014, the reason cited was that the manga author was experiencing severe back pains and that the hiatus will only last 2 weeks. However, a week later, Jump! announced that the hiatus will last longer because Togashi was still experiencing back pains, though they did say that he is already receiving medication. After some time, the manga’s return to last “indefinitely,” which fans kinda expected as the name Yoshihiro Togashi is known for his long and frequent hiatuses which often last for more years.

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