After the passing of Listen to me Girls, I am Your Father! (PapaKiki) and Mayoi Neko overrun light novel author, Tomohiro Matsu, and his lavish anime-style memorial service for fans, the staff of Dash X Bunko has announced that they will be publishing a spin-off volume based on a manuscript written by Matsu himself just before his passing.


Last January, Dash X Bunko announced that they will be releasing a Papakiki spin-off novel written by Matsu, and its manuscript was actually completed, however, the staff learned of the author’s illness. The spin-off, titled “After 1,” follows the three Takanashi sisters, now all grown up. The decision to publish the spin-off was to honor Matsu’s last wishes, as well as the overwhelming support from fans. The manuscript that he left behind has now been edited and “ready to be published.”

Matsu passed away due to an unspecified sickness last May 2, 2016. Though he has completed his two most well known novels in Listen to Me, Girls. I Am Your Father! and Mayoi Neko Overrun, he passed away without completing Hatena Illusion, which would remain unfinished at four volumes. His final published work was a novel released last January, and it is titled Isekai Kazoku Hyōryūki Fushigi no Shima no Elza.

The DX Bunko editorial department and the Comiket Staff, who the late author has worked with, have also mourned his loss.

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