Hunter x Hunter has been quite infamous for its frequent and often long hiatuses, and has frustrated even its most loyal fans, however, it seems that mangaka Yoshihiro Togashi has learned about going on hiatus a lot from another mangaka who is also known for his long and frequent hiatuses.


The “Stop! Hibari-kun!” mangaka, Hisashi Eguchi, has been quite infamous for his frequent hiatuses, and he recently sat down with radio talk show host,  Yuusuke Santamaria, on his radio talk show, Otona no! (“For Adults!”). During the interview, Eguchi claimed that “drawing weekly isn’t something humans can do. It’s impossible… in the end, [the publisher] told me ‘We don’t need you anymore.'”


As Santamaria noted his similarities with Togashi, Eguchi said this:

“I taught him it was all right to be lazy. Togashi looked at me and [kept taking hiatuses]. It’s my accomplishment… I’m the one who said you don’t have to draw weekly.”

Regardless of Eguchi’s claims, Togashi’s “official” reason for his hiatuses are often his chronic back problems, and not because he is “lazy” as accused by many readers across the world.

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Source: ANN


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