The latest game in the Hatsune Miku: Project Diva series, Hatsune Miku: Project Diva Future Tone, will be released next month, and Sony has announced that the ever-lovable virtual diva will be getting her own special PlayStation 4 consoles, which will feature her in the HDD Bay cover.


Known as the The PlayStation 4 Hatsune Miku: Project Diva Special Pack, these special Hatsune Miku PS4 consoles will be released alongside the game in Japan, which will be on June 23, 2016. Each one will come with either a Project Diva Future Tone or a Project Diva X HDD cover. There are a total of six variations being released by Sony:


  • 1 PS4®HDD bay cover set 37,480 yen + tax 
  • 2 PS4®HDD bay cover two set 38,980 yen + tax
  • 3 PS4 ®HDD bay cover three set 40,480 yen + tax


  • 1 PS4®HDD bay cover set 42,480 yen + tax
  • 2 PS4®HDD bay cover set 43,980 yen + tax
  • 3 PS4®HDD bay cover set 45,480 yen + tax

20160519-mikumodel-07 20160519-mikumodel-08 20160519-mikumodel-09 20160519-mikumodel-10

Sony will also be including a special Project Diva theme for the PS4, which will be released as a set of two, as well as an original Hatsune Miku design package.

20160519-mikumodel-11 20160519-mikumodel-12

Here is a closer look at these HDD covers:

20160519-mikumodel-04 20160519-mikumodel-05 20160519-mikumodel-06

The special console is now up for pre-orders via the official Japanese Sony Store.

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