The Wagnaria you know from Working!! ain’t the only Wagnaria branch out there, as the Working! spin-off TV anime, www.Working!!, will be featuring a different Wagnaria restaurant branch, complete with a different staff, and they are just as wacky as the ones from the restaurant you know. Now, that upcoming spin-off TV anime has gotten its latest PV, which introduces us to the wacky staff of this new Wagnaria restaurant.

The video introduces us to Daisuke Higashida, Hana Miyakoshi, Shiho Kamakura, Yuta Shindo, Sayuri Muranushi, Masahiro Adachi, and Kisaki Kondou, who all make up the staff of this different Wagnaria restaurant.


Based on the spin-off web manga written and illustrated by series creator, Karino Takatsu, the anime will follow a different Wagnaria restaurant, in a different area, with a different staff. A-1 Pictures will once again be producing the anime, with season 3 director, Yumi Kamakura returning at the helm of this new project.

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