Blizzard’s new shooter, Overwatch, has gamers all over the world talking, and the game is also released in Japan, where some of the country’s most famous voice actors also gave their voices for the Japanese version, and anime fans may be all too familiar with them.

Let’s start things off with the game’s two Japanese characters, the archer, Hanzo, who is voiced by Shuhei Sakaguchi, who is also voicing Fairy tail’s Doranbalt, as well as his younger brother, the cyborg ninja, Genji, who is voiced by Yoshihisa Kawahara, who is voicing Fairy Tail’s Bickslow.

But everyone knows that Overwatch is best known for the waifus, right?! And two of the most popular characters are certainly the British teleporter, Tracer, voiced by none other than Emiri Katou, who fans might now as the voice behind BakaTest’s Yuuko and Hideyoshi Kinoshita, as well as Monogatari’s Mayoi Hachikuji. And the cold-blooded French assassin, Widowmaker, who is voiced by legendary voice actress, Shizuka Itou, who voices Hinagiku Katsura in Hayate the Combat Butler!, however, her Widowmaker here sounds more like her voice in High School DXD, where she voices the sultry (and sadistic) Akeno Himejima.

Meanwhile, the game’s lovable gorilla, Winston, is voiced by Atsushi Imaruoka, who voices Fairy tail’s Cobra, as well as Log Horizon’s Demiqas. In this video, he faces off against the ruthless terrorist known as Reaper, voiced by Ryota Takeuchi.

Tooru Ookawa, best known for voicing Full Metal Alchemist’s Roy Mustang, voices the beginner-friendly Soldier 76:

The other voice cast includes Risa Taneda (Beyond the Boundary’s Mirai Kuriyama and GATE’s Rory Mercury) as the Korean Gamer/ mech pilot, D.Va, Romi Park (Full Metal Alchemist’s Edward Elric and Attack on Titan’s Hange Zoe) as Pharah… because Justice Rains from Above. The muscular Russian, Zarya, is voiced by Mitsuki Saiga (Full Metal Alchemist’s Maria Ross), while the lovable Chinese chubby girl Mei, is voiced by Lynn (Haifuri’s Mashiro Munetani). The Swiss healer/ support, Mercy, is voiced by Sayaka Ohara, who fans might know is the voice behind Fate/Zero’s Irisviel Von Einzbern, as well as Fairy Tail’s Erza Scarlet, while the Indian powerhouse, Symmetra, is voiced by Hitomi Nabatame, best known for voicing Saori from OreImo.

The other cast members include:

  • Juurouta Kosugi (Zenki’s Zenki and Naruto’s Asuma Sarutobi) as McCree
  • Hiroki Gotou (Assassination Classroom’s Nobuta Tanaka) as Junkrat
  • Naomi Kusumi (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure’s Jack the Ripper) as Roadhog
  • Binbin Takaoka (Divine Gate’s Gareth) as TORBJÖRN
  • Mammoth Nishio as Zenyatta
  • Kazuyuki Okitsu (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure’s Jonathan Joestar) as Lucio

Bastion, who killed my characters a lot during Beta and major source of all my Overwatch salt, just speaks with clicks and screeches, so nobody is voicing it.


In Japan, the game is distributed by Square Enix, the same people behind the Final Fantasy series, and it is now available via PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Worldwide, Blizzard is handling the distribution.

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