D.Gray-man is getting a new anime adaptation starting next month, titled D.Gray-man Hallow, however, it won’t be having as many episodes as the first anime, because it has been confirmed to only be a 13-episode or a 1-cour anime. This is according to an announcement via the July 2015 edition of Jump Square Magazine.


This means that D.Gray-man Hallow will be unlike the original anime, which had a total of 103 episodes, but none the less, fans are still very excited to see Allen Walker and the rest of the characters return for a new anime run.

TMS Entertainment will be producing the anime, with Cross Ange director, Yoshiharu Ashino, at the helm of the project. The anime will be shown via NTV in Japan.

This new TV anime will also have a different cast from the original anime, which was shown between 2006 and 2008, and featured 106 episodes. Ayumu Murase, who voices Shouyo Hinata in Haikyuu!!, will replace Sanae Kobayashi as D.Grayman’s iconic main character, Allen Walker. Meanwhile, the website also revealed that Shinnosuke Tachibana will be replacing Daisuke Kishio as Howard Link.

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