When Hideo Kojima revealed the logo for his new company, Kojima Productions, many people were quite impressed. When he revealed the character behind the logo, many people had their minds blown, and now, Kojima Productions has now revealed an even closer look at that character, which reveals a whole lot more detail than the previous reveal.


Apparently, the character, who is called “LUDENS,” really isn’t a skull, but a man wearing a skull mask. It also features a tagline which says “I’ll Keep Coming.” Kojima stated that “The gear he’s wearing is the extra vehicular activity (EVA) creative suit.”

The bizarre events between Hideo Kojima and Konami have escalated over a course of a few months, culminating to the game creator being barred from receiving an award during the Game Awards. Konami has also verified that Kojima has left the company. He then went on to create his own gaming company, Kojima Productions, which will be making an exclusive game for Sony’s PS4.

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 Source: Kotaku


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